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Calling all eager volunteers! 

Do you love animals? Do you love the great outdoors? Are you looking to complete volunteer hours for your school, NHS program, work, or for your scholarship? Then the Flying W Ranch and the Flying W Ranch Foundation may be exactly what you are looking for. 

Volunteer Opportunities Include:

Non-Chuckwagon Volunteer Activities

  • Installing Log Erosion Barriers to minimize run-off

  • Seeding and Mulching projects

  • Woody Debris removal and scatter

  • Weeding 

  • Thinning over grown vegetation

  • Cleaning stalls 

  • Etc. 

Chuckwagon Volunteer Activities 

If you love people, animals and being outdoors and can only volunteer a few days per week, then the Chuckwagon may be right up your alley. Activities include: 

  • Walking ponies and other ranch animals  

  • Aiding in educational endeavors to enhance our western grounds

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