Flying W Ranch Policies & Code of Conduct

Venue Policies & Code of Conduct

1. Expectation for Appropriate Behavior

All Flying W Ranch visitors and guests are expected to maintain reasonable and appropriate behavior at all times.  Any behavior disregarding the Venue Policies and Code of Conduct as determined by Venue management can result in ejection from the Venue and possible arrest by Colorado Springs Police.

2. Entry to the Flying W Ranch and Any Venue

Flying W Ranch’s management reserves the right to deny entry or eject visitors and guests from the Flying W Ranch’s venues and facilities, including guests engaging in inappropriate behavior, as solely determined by Flying W Ranch’s management.

3. No Refunds for Ejected Visitors and Guests

Ejected visitors and guests will not receive a refund for any fees that had been paid, and ejected visitors and guests will not be compensated in any way.

4. Inappropriate Behavior

Inappropriate behavior that may lead to the denial of entry to the Flying W Ranch or any Venue, or that may lead to ejection from the Flying W Ranch or any Venue, includes, but is not limited to:

4.1. Standing on chairs, seats, tables or railings.

4.2. Intoxication or disorderly conduct.

4.3 Fighting or challenging others to fight.

4.4 Interference with the Event or participants of the Event in any way.

4.5 Throwing, tossing or discharging any object.

4.6. Using profanity and/or other offensive words and gestures.

4.7 Displaying any clothing, signs, posters, banners or flags imprinted with or displaying profane, obscene or offensive language and/or pictures as solely determine by Flying W Ranch’s management.

4.8 Harassing, taunting or using offensive language against performers, other guests or staff.

4.9. Entering a restricted facility area, restricted seating area or disabled seating area without proper authorization.

4.10. Disturbing other guests’ enjoyment of an Event.

4.11. Failing to comply with instructions from Flying W Ranch management’s or the Venue’s personnel.

4.12. Violating any local, state or federal laws.

5. Smoking

The Flying W Ranch venues are non-smoking venues.  Smoking, chewing tobacco and alternative smoking devices (electronic or vapor) are only permitted in designated smoking areas.  Designated smoking areas are denoted with signs.  Any guests smoking inside a building or in a non-designated area will be subject to ejection.  Any form of marijuana consumption is prohibited on Flying W Ranch property.  Smoking is not permitted within 30 feet of the entry doors to any building.

6. Prohibited Items

6.1. For safety and security reasons, the following items are NOT allowed on Flying W Ranch property or in any Flying W Ranch Venue:

6.1.1    Outside alcohol.

6.1.2    Large or offensive signs.

6.1.3    Outside food or beverages unless specifically allowed by a Facilities Use & Services Agreement.

6.1.4    Weapons (e.g., knives, pepper spray and other aerosols, stun-guns, any concealed weapons, and firearms).

6.1.5    Hard case containers (e.g., coolers, briefcases) unless specifically allowed by a Facilities Use & Services Agreement.

6.1.6    Air horns and whistles.

6.1.7    Animals (service animals are permitted with proper documentation).

6.1.8    Drones and other unmanned aerial devices.

6.1.9       Illegal drugs or substances, or any form of marijuana.

6.1.10     Fireworks, smoke bombs, toxic chemicals.

6.1.11     Skateboards, roller blades, roller skates, roller shoes.

6.1.12     Unapproved pamphlets, handouts, advertisements, and stickers.

6.1.13     Any device that may potentially interfere with, harm, and/or distract from any Event or may potentially interfere with, harm and/or distract from any Event attendee or Event participant or guest.

6.1.15     Any other items as determined solely by Flying W Ranch and Licensor’s management.

6.2. All bags, jackets and Guests are subject to search upon entering the Flying W Ranch or any Venue.  Management reserves the right to handle each occurrence on a case-by-case basis.