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Flying W Wranglers



The world-renowned Flying W Wranglers are the second oldest western singing band in the world.  Their stunning three-part harmonies, superb instrumentation, and clean bunkhouse humor have delighted over seven million people since 1953.  There have been over 59 individuals that have been a part of the Flying W Wranglers with several of them performing for the Ranch for more than 30 years. The Flying W Wranglers have performed in many parts of the world including USO tours in Vietnam during the war, the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee, London England, the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., and Carnegie Hall in New York City.  The Flying W Wranglers have been staged in local and national television commercials, have performed with world-class symphonies, have sung at major sporting events, and have won a wide variety of musical awards.


Live at the Ranch
The latest album from the Flying W Wranglers!

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Michael Amidei is a musician, author, poet, and podcaster based in Denver, Colorado. Originally joining The Flying W Wranglers in their 2006 season, he is thrilled to once again be able to sing the music that evokes the open range and the mythic landscape of the West. 

Michael has extensive experience across a wide spectrum of musical genres, from western music to opera and beyond. He has worked as a composer, a music educator in Catholic Schools, and as a director or musical director for hundreds of productions and performances. 

He currently is the Contemporary Worship Leader at Shepherd Of The Hills Lutheran Church in Centennial, Colorado. 

Michael is a songwriter and storyteller by nature and is the host of the podcasts This Business Of Music & Poetry, The Michael Amidei Show, and World Poetry Open Mic; an internationally based radio show that features the work of poets from around the globe. He has published several books of poetry and prose including The Path, The Fall, & The Adventure Chooses You.

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Bobby Edwards is a musician from Wichita, Kansas. Growing up he was surrounded by a musical family. His father plays the keys and his mother sings. At two years old Bobby found that by rhythmically banging on pots and pans he could annoy his mom and make a mess in the kitchen. Later he was given a drum set. By age seven he was playing mandolin and singing on a stage with his mom and dad. These days Bobby is happy to play music with the Wranglers and even does a little songwriting in his free time. You'll typically find him sitting behind his drums on stage where he'll occasionally sing harmonies and sometimes he might even sing in tune.



"Doghouse" Dave is a professional musician with over 20 years of experience playing the upright bass, electric bass, tuba, and guitar. He has performed with a variety of American roots acts, including Rodney Rice, Anthony Russo, Tyler Howell & The Country Club, Jeff Cramer, Slim & The Perkolators, James Day & The Fish Fry, Dave Orban & The Mojo Gypsies, Johnny Never, and Parlour Noir. Since 2003, he has also performed as Johnny Cash's iconic guitar player, Luther Perkins, for various Johnny Cash tribute acts.

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Jason is a Colorado native that has lived a life full of travels. He began self-learning guitar and singing when he was in his late teenage years, doing mostly Johnny Cash and Elvis songs for the large number of tourists passing through historic Cripple Creek Colorado. Over the years Jason built on his passion for music through his journey and experiences and has even entertained thousands of his fellow Armed Service Members while deployed during his time in the United States Military and as an honorable Veteran. Jason was a studio musician for 2 years where he was able to work on recordings with numerous artists and share the stage opening for artists such as Cake, Bad Company and Firehouse. Classically and modern trained vocally, Jason is always excited to try new experiences, grow musically and see where his musical journey takes him.

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Luke Tripp started playing the violin on stages when he was only 10. Growing up in a missionary family, he spent most of his youth in Brazil, where he studied classical violin, and under the influence of his father, learned to play bluegrass and country music in his band.

As a young man, Luke traveled throughout South America, studying and performing with international Artists. Heavily influenced by Latin music, Luke developed a style that allowed him to be proficient in many styles of music.


During the last few years of his time living in Brazil, Luke taught, directed and conducted with Projeto Guri, a state-wide program developed to promote classical culture and national music by offering free music and Orchestra lessons to underprivileged children. With the experience he acquired working with these children and a new passion for teaching, Luke came to the US and studied to receive his bachelor’s degree in music performance and education. 

In Colorado Springs, Luke works as Orchestra director and teacher in an award-winning school in District 11 that offers strings instruction for K-5 students, the only public program in Southern Colorado to do so.

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“Such good news to hear!!! I am so excited for the Flying W Ranch to reopen!!! I can't wait to bring my family there!!!! I have such good memories of Flying W and want to help my kids make memories also!!!


-Julie Lundstrom-Roth

“I'm excited for the New Flying W Ranch. I was deeply saddened when wild fire claimed the historic ranch. It will be fun to see the Flying W Ranch Dinner and Entertainment in full swing again.”


- Bill Shipley

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