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The Flying W Ranch

The Flying W Ranch creates Foundation to Preserve the History of Attraction
Online Donations Now Being Accepted

The Flying W Ranch located in Colorado Springs, CO pleased their guests with songs of the old west, a true Chuckwagon supper, traditional Native American dance and access to a historic experience for decades. This year, the Ranch had plans to celebrate their 60th anniversary with two special concerts, an array of new activities for children and a revamped Western Musical Show. The tragic events of the Waldo Canyon Fire changed all this when it jumped the ridge, destroying the historic ranch and 346 homes on the Westside of Colorado Springs.

Once the Colorado Springs community, and far beyond, learned of the Flying W’s demise an outpouring of love, support and fond memories of personal Flying W experiences poured in. Many people have asked the same question, “will the ranch rebuild?” While the question still lingers in the minds of Colorado Springs residents and fans worldwide, the decision to rebuild the Flying W Ranch is still unclear. The owners and staff of the Flying W Ranch have been working diligently with local, state and federal governments to insure that proper measures are taken to prevent any more devastation, mainly erosion and flooding.

“Our hope and intention is to rebuild the Flying W Ranch, however, the safety of our guests and the community of Mountain Shadows takes precedent over baked beans and singing cowboys.”

Although the future of the Flying W Ranch is still a bit hazy the plans to move forward in one way or another are in full swing. In December or 2011, Leigh Ann Wolfe (one of the owners of the Flying W Ranch) created a non-profit foundation to support local organizations within the community. With the turn of events that took place on June 26th, the foundation will now be involved in charitable pursuits relating either to rebuilding the Flying W Ranch Chuckwagon or helping to preserve the history of the Flying W Ranch by preserving rescued artifacts and antiques from the site.

The Flying W Ranch Foundation is still awaiting approval of its charitable status, which typically takes several months. Thus, please understand that because approval is pending, donations will only be tax deductible subject to obtaining 501(c)(3) charitable status. Upon approval of the application, all donations will be tax-deductible and any donations made prior to the status may be as well. Donations will go towards the rebuilding or preservation of the Flying W Ranch including a scholarship fund for the student staff members who worked at the Flying W Ranch during the summer of 2012. For those who wish to donate their time and services a volunteer form has also been created on (please note: all volunteers must be 18 years or older, provide their own hard hats, gloves, boots, safety glasses and masks. All volunteers will also have to sign a release from liability).

The original 60th Flying W Ranch Celebration and concert with the “Sons of the Pioneers”, will take place as planned on August 15, 2012 at a location yet to be determined. All proceeds from the concert will also go towards The Flying W Ranch Foundation.

For more information on the Foundation, to donate, or purchase event tickets, go to

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