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Dear Ronnie,
I want to thank you and your band for the extremely warm welcome you gave to myself and the other widows.  It is moments like that, where we feel like we are not alone and people have not forgotten our husbands sacrifice.  You are a very kind and talented group, and I look forward to meeting you again.
Kim R.

Hi Ron,
It has been nearly two weeks now since we enjoyed that wonderful evening at the Flying W.  My group was enthralled with your performance.  As I mentioned that evening, someone in your group summed it up by saying, "I feel honored to be heard this group."  Many thanks for the terrific show that you and your cowboy band put on for us.
Mary Ann G.

Hey Fellas,
I just wanted to thank y'all for a great show!  We came about five years ago and had a blast comin' back.  It's always a pleasure gettin' to partake in some good old down-home country goodness.  Keep up the good work!  and hopefully we'll get back in another five years! :)
The Johnsons

My wife and 3 boys and I recently attended the show (and church the next morning), and LOVED it.  I had been back in 1989 and told the boys how much they would like it.  It was there favorite part of the trip. We're already planning for a return trip!
Tommy Y.

Hi Ronnie,
I have to say I enjoyed your show very much! the food was delicious and you guys have a wonderful little band! I love it! My dad bought me 2 of your cds the night we watched y'all in Colorado and I enjoy listening to them very much.  The fiddle is a very beautiful instrument to play and I really like the guitar! I'm trying to figure out how to play guitar now.  I got one before we went to Colorado.  I'm also learning the piano, and I love to sing.  It's a dream of mine to become a singer/musician and be able to enspire people all over the world some day, just like you did that night for me.  So thank you very much for making my day and I hope to go back to Flying W some day.  God has really blessed you guys with some pretty awesome talent!! :)

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